Pamela Anderson takes LD  through her Garden of Eden and explains why vegan is the new sexy

Interview by Stefanie Rodriguez

JUNE 14, 2018

Photography by Philippe Doignon / Bestimage

Since moving to France, we can’t help but notice that Pamela Anderson has seemingly undergone something of a personal renaissance – her Instagram is artistically arranged exclusively in black and white photography, she waxes poetic musings, and her politics have taken new depths and nuances as she explores her activism from a transatlantic perspective. The blonde beauty (& brain!) took time during her sumptuous visit to the South of France to answer Le Doguin’s questions about la vie française, her latest projects, and of course, the darling Zuzu Bisous.

​Last year you collaborated with French shoe designer Amélie Pichard for a collection of vegan, non-toxic shoes, this year you collaborated with Chef Christophe Leroy for vegan cuisine with La Table du Marché by Pamela (a project she ultimately had to remove her name from). How do you find the French are reacting to vegan based products and lifestyles? 

This was my primary concern when choosing to work with Amélie. I wanted to provide a cruel free option and I funded the project. Sadly, I never did receive my full investment back. But it was worthwhile to give it a shot and I know Amélie is doing well now - she has her own store in Paris. She has promised me that she will continue to explore vegan alternative fabrics. 

What about Americans?

California is quite progressive when it comes to healthy diet and compassionate shopping choices. Food or Fashion. But America is quite divided. It's a mess. A mess can be good though. The truth is messy. 

​Now that the public has more information about the harmful effects of the meat industry on the environment, animals, and our health, what do you think the next steps are to create and implement change?

We must know that all of our choices have a profound effect on the environment. Being Vegan is easy if you can little by little make changes every day. I want to showcase vegan as a sexy experience. One that's suitable for every age. 

​Any tips for those who are trying to embrace a more vegan lifestyle?

Vegan food is an aphrodisiac. Life just gets more fun. It's also anti-ageing just try to think compassionately and the pay back is beautiful in every way. 

​You have been a long-time activist for animal rights, what is your most treasured aspect about your relationship with animals?

They are on my side. I put my feet in the water wherever I am. I feel so much love in return. My life is blessed because I am in tune with nature and I live compassionately. 

​Do you have any canine companions with you now?

Yes, I have my ZuZu Bisou with me. He is a service dog and cares for rescued animals. He is an angel and has his own Instagram account @zeusontheleus.

​How do you balance your busy travel schedule with your dogs? Do they travel with you?

I lost two dogs last year. It was very hard. I rescue a lot of animals. We are used to death as a part of life. It was part of reason I left LA. 


My kids are grown and love to visit me in France. I feel like I'm on an adventure. Chapter Two of my life and I have many guardian angels with me.




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