Celebrate Canine Culture

FEBRUARY 16, 2018

Text by Stefanie Rodriguez

Photography by Dune Chambaud


Today is obviously a celebratory day as Le Doguin has finally launched and consequently all your canine décor desires are just clicks away from being forever satiated. But, along with 

Le Doguin’s naissance, today also marks the Chinese New Year and, ever so fittingly, we find ourselves in Year of the Dog.

Our personal obsession with Chinese design knows no bounds – we have spent endless hours poring over images of blue and white chinoiserie vases, and I’m not the least bit embarrassed to divulge that I contemplated a loan to finance the most exquisite gold-leaf Chinese changing screen to have ever graced my gaze.


But, those stories will come later; today we fête the annual guest of honour, The Dog.


In China the dog symbolizes luck, so nevermind with horseshoes – your puppy is your best bet. And, if you see a stray dog sauntering your way, you might just consider adopting it – the Chinese believe it could be a sign that good fortune is coming.


The Chinese also consider a dog something of a clairvoyant since it will warn its owner if something unsavoury is about to happen. Think of your dear canine companion chasing the mailman all these years – it might just have been him protecting you from your bills (maybe one for a certain gold-leaf Asiatic objet d’art?).


Dogs are also known to bark, but they do so for a reason, and therefore ancient Chinese people believed you could predict good or bad luck based on the barks of the dog.


At Le Doguin, we are very aesthetically driven and naturally want to provide you with the most pertinent information in terms of design – lucky colours for Dog Years are red, green, and purple.


And, if you’re looking for some blossoms to outfits those chinoiserie vases, roses and cymbidium orchids are the Dog’s lucky flowers.


So, Chinese New Year might just be the time to do a little redecorating.


After all, it’s a matter of good fortune.


Gong hei fat choy!


© 2018 Le Doguin